EyeBrain, a Paris, France-based company specializing in the development of medical devices designed to provide early diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases, reportedly created a new software version in one of its medical devices. According to a company news release, when paired with the software upgrade, the EyeBrain Tracker device can now confirm eye motricity impairment in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and monitor patients’ progress and verify the effect of therapies prescribed by practitioners.

Researchers point to eye movement indicators as valuable tools to determine MS patients’ state and to monitor the disease. According to EyeBrain, the EyeBrain Tracker allows neurologists to analyze a sensitive and quantifiable marker of anatomical function, specifically eye motricity, including internuclear opthalmoplegia. Since the marker is reproducible, the company explains, it can provide quantified monitoring of the disease’s progress.

Serge Kinkingnéhun, EyeBrain chairman adds that, “The EyeBrain Tracker can thus be a valuable aid for neurologists in the treatment of their patients, especially regarding the choice of drugs and their dosing.”

The news release notes that the upgraded version of the device for application in multiple sclerosis was first made available in December. The company adds that clients with the EyeBrain Tracker can upgrade the device themselves or through the company.

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Source: EyeBrain