cont-worker-comp-edAccording to a recent news release, an 8-hour online training course centered on rehabilitation of workers’ compensation cases and to prepare therapists for the Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider (CWcHP) Exam is scheduled for the fall. The online course is the result of a joint effort between the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) and Heartland Rehabilitation Services (HRS).

The two organizations will reportedly be presenting the course together at a date to be announced this coming fall. The course is comprised of three modules presented over the course of 3 weeks. The release states that attendees will be granted 8 CEU credits for completing the course.

The release adds that prior to the establishment of the CWcHP certification, physical therapists rehabilitating patients under their workers’ compensation were not required to meet specific standards in order to care for these patients. In turn, the facilitation of the certification and examination was driven by the need for therapists to demonstrate competency in the delivery of services to workers’ compensation patients.

“Practitioners have been asking about a training course that would complement the CWcHP certification, and with the expertise of Heartland Rehabilitation Services … our resources together provide a thorough and powerful training in this field,” Justin Mayer, executive director, ISPA, says.

CWcHP certification applicants must be in the field of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training. Applicants must pass the certification exam, which addresses three areas of competency, which include clinical issues, legal issues, and employer-based knowledge.

For more information about the training course and the CWcHP certification, click here

[Source(s): ISPA, Heartland Rehabilitation Services]