EducationEducation Resources Inc presents a course intended to help clinicians meet the potential challenges of designing effective treatment programs to improve strength, endurance, and function in children with disabilities and chronic conditions. According to the Education Resources Inc website, the “Functional Strengthening in Children” course aims to assist clinicians in setting realistic goals and prioritizing treatment.

The site notes that discussions centered on an evidence-based approach to outcome measures and intervention design, including intensity and duration will be featured during the course.

The course is also intended to help implement successful programs for children with a variety of diagnoses, such as cerebral palsy and autism developmental coordination disorder. Specific intervention activities slated for discussion include strategies to enhance strength, flexibility, endurance, and function, such as progressive resistive exercises, resistance bands, treadmill training, therapeutic ball exercises, aquatic exercise, and structured play.

Upon completion of the course, the site notes, participants will be able to implement a variety of approaches, including the integration of strengthening and endurance training strategies into treatment programs to maximize function in children with and without disabilities. Participants will also learn how to integrate evidence from applied clinical and community-based strength and endurance training programs to enhance functional outcomes in children with and without disabilities.

The site states that additional course objectives include the ability to identify and use systematic and objective measures to document changes in function, strength, and endurance at the body structure (impairment), activity (limitation) and participation (disability) levels, and identify clinical and community-based programs designed to provide evidence to support function, strength, and endurance in children with and without disabilities.

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[Source: Education Resources Inc]