The Vancouver, Canada-based University of British Columbia (UBC) Interprofessional Continuing Education organization recently announced that its 28th International Seating Symposium is slated for March 6 through March 9, 2012. The symposium will address the developments in the areas of seating, positioning, and mobility.

The topic areas covered during the symposium will include service delivery, product development, research, and outcomes. The format of the symposium itself will encompass plenary, pre-symposium, instructional, paper, and a poster session.

According to the organization, there are several learning objects that the symposium is designed to provide participants. The first aim is to equip participants with the ability to identify and compare new and existing positioning and mobility equipment. Next, through informative discussions, participants will learn about emerging research evidence supporting seating and mobility practices, and resources for seating and mobility practice. The next objective offers participants the ability to make comparisons between new seating and mobility techniques and interventions, and learn the advantages and disadvantages of a number of innovative service delivery models.

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Source: UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education