A live 2-day seminar aims to provide attendees with the most successful approaches for the evaluation of myofascial pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction. The Trigger Point Therapy Course – PT-01, presented by Hands-On Seminars, is designed to integrate Myofascial Trigger Point and Proprioceptive concepts in a systematic, comprehensive manner.

Hands-On Seminars notes that the scientific background and methods taught hinge on an evidence-based model with research and techniques that have been tried successfully for years. The course also reportedly includes extensive lab sessions of all muscle systems discussed during the course and includes the Spray & Stretch Technique.

Course objectives include the ability to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of myofascial dysfunction, to demonstrate how to treat acute and chronic pain issues, and create treatment protocols including myofascial trigger point therapy. Additionally, upon completion of the course, participants will have gained the ability to demonstrate how to diagnostically choose the appropriate muscle systems to work with.

Hands-On Seminars reports that the course is appropriate for PTs, PTAs, OTs, LMTs, ATCs, and physicians. The organization adds that diagnosis and differential diagnosis are key components of the training. Instructors will use effective didactic approaches, employing advanced multimedia methods.

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[Source: Hands-On Seminars]