Etac markets a specially designed seat to accommodate the lifting and transfer of users when a mechanical hoist cannot be used. The Etac TranSeat features several handles along its side, front, and back, allowing for an ergonomic grip. The company notes that the user can remain in the TranSeat during the entire trip, and, when necessary, the product can be used to assist transfer at the destination.

The product is intended to be used for seating transfer when a hoist is unavailable or impractical. The company notes that this includes transfers from chair to chair, from bed to wheelchair, or transfer in and out of cars, airplanes, boats, buses, or cinema auditoriums.

The Etac TranSeat is available in two models that include the TranSeat JR and TranSeat SR. Its padding is comprised of polyetylen and its binding of polypropylene.

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[Source: Etac]