Carex Health Brands, Sioux Falls, SD, offers a line of products featuring Uplift technology, which according to a company news release is designed to help individuals undergoing rehab to transition safely from sitting to standing.

Per the release, the following products are designed with Uplift technology:

The Risedale Chair provides 100% lifting assistance for patients who weigh up to 300 pounds without pushing them forward. Four colors are available.

The Uplift Premium Seat Assist-Plus is a portable electric lift that, via remote control, provides 100% lifting assistance for those who need help standing from their armchair or sofa. It features a memory foam core to help prevent pressure sores as well as two ergonomic handles.

The Upeasy Seat Assist Plus lifts up to 70% of the user’s weight up to 340 pounds. The self-powered unit lifts using a hydro-pneumatic gas spring rather than electricity.

The ergonomically designed Swivel Cushion helps reduce pressure on the spine and tailbone for those with limited mobility, such as women who are pregnant, new mothers, or anyone recovering from surgery. Its design helps diminish the risk of straining the back, knees, and hips. The cushion can also be used by people with limited mobility while entering and exiting a vehicle.

Carex also offers a new line of AccuRelief TENS products to help patients undergoing rehab to manage their pain, per the release.

For more information, visit Carex Health Brands.

[Source: Carex Health Brands]