Commercial minivans have gone ADA compliant at Phoenix-based Vantage Mobility International (VMI). The company recently announced that the first commercial-use, ADA-compliant Toyota Northstar E360 rolled off its assembly line August 26.

The ADA-compliant Northstar E360 is described in a media release from VMI as a wheelchair-accessible van featuring a side-entry, in-floor ramp built for commercial use. VMI’s new Commercial Division will initially offer the ADA Northstar E360 through select dealers across North America.

“The demand for an ADA-compliant version of our in-floor, side-entry Northstar ramp conversion has been very strong, especially since announcing our new Commercial Division,” Doug Eaton, president and CEO of VMI, states in the company’s media release.

The E360 deep floor drop offers a tall door opening and expansive interior space for wheelchair maneuverability. These benefits, combined with the reliable Toyota Sienna chassis, are incorporated into the new ADA-compliant Northstar E360.

Mark Oldenburg, national fleet marketing, mobility, and strategic planning manager for Toyota, praised the landmark rollout. “Toyota is very excited about VMI’s entry into the commercial segment, which features an innovative design to meet the needs of demanding commercial customers looking for quality and value,” Oldenburg states in the VMI media release.

VMI’s commercial vans reportedly will be available to retirement centers, taxi drivers, and other transportation companies through select VMI dealers across the United States and Canada.

“Our ADA Northstar E360, with configurable seating and unobstructed entrance, provides flexibility and convenience for all passengers,” notes Hugh Palmer, VMI director of product management, in VMI’s media release. “This van is ideal for assisted living centers and shuttle services that value the comfort of wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers alike.”

Full-scale production will continue to ramp up over the next quarter, according to a statement from VMI.