Telemedicine Solutions LLC introduces WoundRounds Defender, a risk management feature set for healthcare providers treating high-risk patients, such as those with complex wounds, pressure ulcers, and infected wounds.

WoundRounds Defender is designed to automate admission-to-discharge documentation and photography processes that aim to reduce risk when admitting and caring for such high-risk patients.

WoundRounds Defender is comprised of three modules, according to the company in a media release.

The first module, QuickShot, enables providers to both photograph patient skin upon admission and discharge, and also document incidents for incident investigation and reporting. The second module, FlipBook, facilitates analysis of wound photographs over a period of time, enabling providers to show a linear progression of wound healing. The third module, CareNotes, compiles clinical annotations, treatment notes, and interventions into a single patient record for easy access to the provider and the legal team, Telemedicine Solutions LLC explains.

“WoundRounds Defender gives healthcare providers legal peace of mind so they can focus on delivering the best care and patient outcomes,” says Mike Diamond, CEO of Schaumburg, Ill-based Telemedicine Solutions LLC, in the release.

[Source(s): Telemedicine Solutions LLC, PRWeb]