SCI-Ex, a free mobile app developed by Shepherd Center and MobileSmith that promotes fitness for people with spinal cord injury (SCI), now includes a home-based exercise program.

The update includes video demonstrations of adaptive exercise techniques designed to be used at home as well as at the gym.

The latest updates were developed based on user feedback from the initial version of the app. More than 20 new exercise videos have been added, targeting a variety of muscle groups. Users can access videos either by injury level, fitness goals, or the body part they wish to target, according to a media release from Shepherd Center, located in Atlanta.

“We have created what we believe to be a more intuitive decision tree to guide users through the exercise selection process,” says Nick Evans, a lead exercise specialist at Shepherd Center. “Selecting any of these categories will automatically direct individuals to a series of appropriate exercise videos.”

The Exercise Tracker function has also been modified to be more user friendly and to allow greater flexibility in information users can track. The app also includes an updated version of the Exercise Recommendations section, including a Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale to assist users in selecting the training intensities that are appropriate for their individual fitness goals, per the release.

The app is available for download from Apple iTunes and from Google Play.

[Source: Shepherd Center]