PeerWell, a digital musculoskeletal recovery platform for injured workers, introduces Unified Care, engineered to deliver a connected care patient experience by addressing needs in real-time.

Unified Care takes the data collected from the patient’s digital at-home recovery, shares alerts with distributed care teams, and allows for immediate action to support patients’ needs. Case managers, adjusters, and other approved care team members become unified and empowered with evidence-based, data-backed insights, a media release from PeerWell explains.

“Unified Care is the realization of our many years in the digital healthcare space. For the first time, an injured worker’s entire care team can be connected by accurate patient data and can adjust prescribed care in real-time.”

— PeerWell CEO, Manish Shah

Enables Real-Time Adjustments to Care

The connected care experience between the patient and their entire care team makes way for real-time action and adjustments to care pathways. Without delay, care teams can offer “just in time interventions” to injured workers who may be flagged as being higher-risk for complications, are not active in their recovery, or who are surpassing recovery milestones and no longer require additional, costly prescribed care.

“Adjustments to the patient’s care—like fewer outpatient physical therapy sessions when a patient’s range of motion is back to normal, or notifying the frontline to provide a virtual check-in when pain levels are too high—are some of the real-life use cases partners will adopt.

— Manish Shah

For more information, visit PeerWell.

[Source(s): PeerWell, PR Newswire]

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