PeerWell’s Trip & Fall Hazard Detector, an extension to its surgery preparation and recovery platform, is designed to work with a smartphone camera to alert people of trip and fall hazards in order to correct them.

According to PeerWell, it uses artificial intelligence to analyze the video stream from a smartphone’s camera in real time, and augmented reality to alert people of hazards.

When the Trip & Fall Hazard Detector identifies a hazard, an augmented reality alert will be superimposed over the video display. After the evaluation, photos of the problem areas will be shown to the patient with education on how to fix them.

PeerWell’s AI will assign patients’ homes a risk score, which can be used by health systems to allocate in-home occupational therapy visits and inform discharge planning, notes PeerWell in a media release.

“Until now, augmented reality has mostly been used in gaming,” says Manish Shah, CEO of PeerWell, in the release. “We’ve combined it with real-time image recognition powered by our AI to bring this life-saving tool to patients.”

[Source(s): PeerWell, PRWeb]