Thought Technology Ltd, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, offers its MyoTrac Infiniti System for muscle reeducation, rehabilitation, and incontinence treatment. The system enables the users to measure two channels of high-resolution surface electromyography (SEMG) and provide two channels of electrical stimulation (STIM) in a wide variety of configurations. In addition, the MyoTrac Infiniti includes SEMG-triggered stimulation (ETS), where the SEMG signal is used to trigger stimulationhelping clients improve volitional activation of target muscle groups. This combination of three modalities enhances treatment possibilities and eliminates the requirements for multiple devices.

The embedded features of the standalone device include: LCD and touch screen; two channels of SEMG; two channels of STIM; two channels of combined EMG and STIM (including ETS, which cannot be used in the United States for the treatment of incontinence); bar graphs; audio feedback and alarms; auto thresholds; on board memory saves SEMG statistical summary data; more than 50 preprogrammed protocols; patient lock and rental lock features; and compact flash and report software.

MyoTrac Infiniti, which was designed by and for physical therapists, also offers extensive documentation features. The system comes with a clinical guide explaining the general concepts of three modalities, the placement of the electrodes, and various clinical protocols.

The clinical system is further enhanced by the powerful BioGraph Infiniti software and its SEMG Rehab Suite, which combines dynamic graphics, with analysis and reporting functions (which is the result of 30 years of biofeedback experience). The software proposes various assessment and training protocols, with helpful guidelines for beginners (as well as experts).

By providing the user and the therapist access to muscular information about which they might both generally unaware, SEMG biofeedback can provide accurate, measurable, objective data to augment and support the subjective reporting of the patient and observations of the therapist.

According to representatives of Though Technology Ltd, the microvolt values (millionths of a volt) measurements of muscle activity can be recorded and used to provide both instant feedback for motivation, learning, and improved rehabilitation, and display trend reports over sessions, to demonstrate with objective numbers, the value of the therapy to client, service provider, and payor.