There is help for COVID-19 long-haulers, and OTs and PTs are key players in helping them fully recover. In this video, Jerrold Kaplan, MD, Gaylord Outpatient Medical Director, explains the influence therapists had in creating the multidisciplinary approach Gaylord Specialty Healthcare uses for its Outpatient Recovery and Rehab Program.

Learn how therapists apply a blend of occupational and physical therapies and push the envelope of their training to help this population overcome physical, cognitive, and psychological challenges.

You’ll also hear Dr. Kaplan profile how the program approached treatment for a front-line healthcare worker who was one of the program’s first patients.

Interview timeline

  • 1:47 Acute care arrivals: A complex challenge
  • 3:19 COVID-19 complicates rehab care
  • 4:30 Building the program
  • 5:36 Making care specialized
  • 7:29 Case example: Director of nursing
  • 10:15 Telehealth: Built in a weekend
  • 13:15 Rising to the challenge of physical, cognitive, psychological issues
  • 15:50 The brain and body can recover

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