Healthcare professionals, managers, and facility owners may still be questioning what net effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have on their careers and businesses. A March 25 webinar hosted by New York-based athenahealth Inc aims to answer these questions with discussion by two of the healthcare IT firm’s top leaders.

An announcement from athenahealth Inc states that the intent of the webinar is to help stakeholders “find out what’s really going on,” regarding the ACA’s impact on the business and practice of healthcare. As part of this webinar’s reported goal, the program will present information gathered by ACAView, described as “An ongoing study that taps into athenahealth’s real-time cloud-based network to understand the ACA’s potential impact.”

The webinar speakers include athena research vice president, Josh Gray, and athenahealth vice president of government affairs, Dan Haley. Both are scheduled to address what current and expected government policy changes could mean for providers and practices, and the impact of the ACA on reimbursement levels.

The program will also include discussion by Gray and Haley about data related to practice patterns of caregivers across the country, as well as what to expect from the ACA in 2015.

The 1-hour webinar is scheduled for 12 noon Eastern, March 25. Online registration is available.

[Source: athenahealth Inc]