Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation (TLI) presents the webinar, “Exciting Breakthroughs in the Future of Limb Loss Care for 2,100,000 Americans,” on Tuesday, April 27, at 3 pm (EDT).

The webinar, offered as part of Healthcare Thought Leadership & Innovation Month, aims to shine a light on the overlooked and underserved population of limb loss patients.

Speakers include: limb loss patient Ariel Rigney, MPA, a self-proclaimed nonprofit “nerd,” athlete, world traveler and adventure-seeker; Bill Oldham, president, TLI; and Dr. Kenton Kaufman, PhD, PE, director, Motion Analysis Laboratory, Mayo Clinic.

Climb the Mountain

“As a passionate advocate for amputee rights and access to care, Ariel invites attendees to ‘climb the mountain with her’ as she shares about training alongside other limb loss patients to raise amputee care awareness by climbing a 19,000-foot mountain in Ecuador.

“Ariel inspires us all as she relates her experiences counseling at a summer camp for kids with limb loss, helping prepare new physical and occupational therapists for working with patients, assisting with the research and development of new prosthetic feet in the lab, and mentoring new limb loss patients to the work the Registry will do to help other patients like her across the US.”

— Reed Hartley, executive director, TLI

Ariel now works as a fundraising consultant and digital marketing specialist for nonprofits and mission-driven businesses, a media release from TLI notes.

Innovation is Key

The webinar also explores how innovation based on better data is key to bringing better science to improved outcomes for patients. TLI’s participation in The Limb Loss and Prevention Registry (Registry), a national registry of people, including adults and children, who have lost limbs, demonstrates how big data can provide better outcomes for people living with limb loss.

The Registry gathers data of people in the United States living with limb loss and provides insight on their challenges and needs. The project’s goal is to find ways to prevent limb loss, improve limb loss surgery outcomes, refine rehabilitation approaches and provide guidance on the development of devices for people with limb loss, the release continues.

“This webinar will give us a first-hand look at how a limb loss patient can reach the peak of her highest potential in every sense of the word. Ariel exemplifies how more individualized care is essential as we move towards personalized medicine, especially for the limb loss patient population, who are so often overlooked.”

— Dr. Kenton Kaufman, PhD, PE

[Source(s): Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation, Business Wire]