xtension2In an effort to provide preventative and rehabilitative steps for repetitive injuries and obesity in the workplace, High Point Wellness Concepts LLC, has developed the XTensionDesk. The company notes it has partnered with manuel saez & partners, an industrial design firm based in New York City, to prepare the final version of the product for manufacturing.

Craig Dye, High Point Wellness Concepts founder, emphasizes the technology’s goal to address each user’s individual needs, offering precise and frequent changes without work interruption, providing a spacious desktop, and the ability to accommodate multiple monitors for tech workers. The technology is designed to offer adjustability, fitting users whether they are standing, sitting, or reclining.

The company notes that its target audience for the XTensionDesks includes physical therapists (PTs) and occupation therapists (OTs). “It makes a lot of sense for PTs and OTs to be involved in a patient’s work space consideration. Who knows better about how our workspace might impact our musculoskeletal system?,” Dye says.

The XTensionDesk is also engineered to address the seating needs of a variety of individuals, including children, adults, and individuals in wheelchairs. Users may also customize surfaces, allowing for different sizes and colors.

Dye, who holds a master’s in ergonomics, adds that, “The key to avoiding the wellness issues of repetitive injuries and obesity is the same: change. Not just big changes from sitting to standing, but also little ones throughout the day.”

[Source: High Point Wellness Concepts LLC]