According to Hanger Clinic, its patient Connie Nason is the first in New Hampshire and one of the first in New England to be fitted with the élan, a newly developed microprocessor-controlled prosthetic foot. The new technology has garnered Nason and her Hanger Clinic prosthetist Paul Jenkins interviews with multiple New England-based media outlets. 

The élan is engineered to use patented microprocessor-controlled technology in order to provide users with real time, simultaneous adjustments as they walk. The device also offers a brake feature intended to increase the ease of walking down declines. 

Following a right below-the-knee amputation, Hanger Clinic notes that Nason is functioning well with the new bionic technology. Nason reports that since being fit with the élan, she is now able to walk faster with increased confidence. Nason adds that the device provides her a sense of security and stability; particularly when navigating inclines and declines, and allows her navigate multiple types of terrain without the use of a cane.

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Source: Hanger Clinic