According to a recent news release, Orthocare Innovations, Oklahoma City, Okla, a development and manufacturing company in the field of orthotics and prosthetics, has been included on the FierceMedicalDevices “Fierce 15 List,” designating it as one of the leading medical device and diagnostic companies of 2012. The company, whose primary aim focuses on commercializing advanced technologies to improve patient mobility, was chosen in part as a nod to its creativity and innovations in the industry, the release notes.

FierceMedicalDevices editor Damian Garde, notes that Orthocare Innovations’ prosthetics hold the potential to, “make a huge difference for patients who have lost limbs…Orthocare Innovations is connecting patients to their devices and their health care providers to improve care quality through data-driven, informed clinical decision making,” Garde says.

Doug McCormack, Orthocare Innovations CEO and co-founder, articulates the company’s honor in being chosen, noting that the honor spotlights, “Orthocare Innovations’ potential to make a significant impact in the orthotic and prosthetic segment of the medical devices market through its adaptive devices and unique data ecosystem,” McCormack explains.

The company also highlights its Magellan MFA, a microprocessor controlled foot ankle prosthetic device. The device is engineered to mimic key features of the human ankle essential to normal gait. Orthocare Innovations notes that Magellan can also be linked to its user and the user’s health care providers via iPhone and iPad apps and Bluetooth technology, allowing patients to make adjustments to the Magellan themselves and allowing health care providers to assess patient performance and device diagnostics.

Source: Orthocare Innovations