, a digital marketing solution and partner for auto dealerships, has teamed up with AudioEye Inc to create Empathy Day 2019.

AudioEye offers digital accessibility solutions that provide barrier-free website access for individuals with disabilities.

Empathy Day, which coincides with the recent Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), aims to enable employees to learn about digital accessibility issues and better understand the barriers to web access experienced by those who have disabilities. If a website is not coded with individuals with disabilities in mind, many are unable to fully engage with digital content or, worse, left behind entirely, according to a media release from

“At, we believe in equal access for all, and that includes barrier-free digital access to individuals of every ability,” says Bob George, associate vice president products for, in the release.

“Through Empathy Day exercises, we believe our employees will walk away with a greater, more empathetic understanding of what it’s like for all consumers to navigate the online experience and feel empowered to improve the lives of all end-users, regardless of their individual abilities.”

In addition to presenting a broad overview of how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has and continues to reshape our world for the benefit of all, Empathy Day will help expand awareness to many important and timely topics and will include breakout sessions detailing the key ways designers and content creators can help ensure an optimal and inclusive digital experience for their diverse user base, as well as various exercises that help promote  a variety of disability perspectives and simulations.

“Unimpeded equal access is foundational to our mission here at AudioEye; it’s why we started the company and why we challenge ourselves every day to find solutions that ensure barrier-free digital access,” adds Sean Bradley, AudioEye president, co-founder, and chief strategy officer.

Via the partnership with AudioEye, websites have the option to include the AudioEye Ally Managed Service Solution, a technology solution that identifies and resolves issues of digital accessibility, to ensure all site visitors experience barrier-free access with an optimal user experience.

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