To assist customers in achieving their fitness goals, Sears has reportedly integrated in-store and online fitness retailing. The Sears “Fitness Flagship,” store-within-a-store stems from the desire to provide a complete fitness solution for customers, “We believe in continually improving our offering, so we have built an online fitness community and developed new destinations that attract customers both in-store and online,” Hugo Malan, SVP and president, Fitness, Sporting Goods and Toys at Sears Holdings, says.

According to a recent news release from the Sears Holdings Corporation, the Sears Fitness Flagship specialty stores are comprised of polished hardwood floors, tall mirrors, and expanded equipment layouts. Staff members include salespeople trained in fitness products and trends. Multiple floor equipment models are also available for customer trial, Sears says.

The news release reports that the Sears online fitness website, FitStudio, is also designed to help customers enhance their fitness routine by connecting them to a community of experts that provide customers with step-by-step meal and nutrition plans, workout regimes, and interactive tracking tools. The news release adds that the FitStudio database offers customers access to personal trainers and assists customers in pinpointing local trainers and fitness events by zipcode search. The site also reportedly allows customers to purchase gear and equipment from top brands. 

Andrea Metcalf, author of Naked Fitness, blogger, and FitStudio advisory board member, adds that a fitness plan is about empowerment in order to meet realistic goals, since, “Your chances for success rise when you’re not going it alone, which is exactly what FitStudio gives you—a comprehensive resource to live a fit life,” Metcalf explains.

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Source: Sears Holdings Corporation