The MyOnyx device, new from Thought Technology Ltd, is designed to provide surface EMG biofeedback and electrostimulation.
The handheld device is equipped with surface electromyography (sEMG) sensors that measure and display muscle activity in real time, to help the physical therapist ensure the activation of the specific muscles being targeted for treatment.

The MyOnyx system can be used for single or dual site muscle rehabilitation protocols (work/rest, rapid contractions, endurance, fine control, etc.). It provides two channels of STIM/ EMG triggered STIM and four channels of electrostimulation options, including NMES, according to the Montreal-based company in a media release.

MyOnyx is a portable, rechargeable device that offers multiple functionality modes, which include the following, the release continues:

  • Standalone mode, where the user can select and run ESTIM protocols.
  • Remote control mode, which allows the use of an Android device, with the MyOnyx app, to select and run SEMG biofeedback, EMG-triggered stim and ESTIM sessions remotely and view session activity in real time. The app also provides pre-programmed biofeedback sessions that keep clients engaged.
  • PC Control mode, which enables MyOnyx to connect to a Windows computer and run Thought Technology’s BioGraph software to expand the possibilities of SEMG biofeedback. The MyOnyx Suite includes assessments and biofeedback options.

Two purchase options are available: the basic model, which can run in Standalone mode and comes with the Android app for remote control functionality; and the extended model, which includes all the hardware and software components needed to run MyOnyx in PC Controlled mode.

[Source(s): Thought Technology Ltd, PRWeb]