Convaid, headquartered in Torrance, Calif, recently announced its launch of a Community Outreach Program, targeting charitable donations and designed to reach non-funded end users, non-profit organizations, and schools with special education programs. According to a Convaid news release, the program is intended to assist in building relationships within the community. The program aims to establish outreach programs, attend end user tradeshows, as well as volunteer and participate in community and marketing events and develop relations with schools’ special education programs.

Chris Braun, Convaid president, notes that the effort has been ongoing and, “We recently got a big push to get this program up and running for our online community. They have shared their stories with us…about getting denied by their insurances for various reasons or just not having enough funds to purchase them themselves. This program is one way to give back to these families in need,” Braun says.

The release notes that the “big push” stems from a Facebook promotion held by Convaid earlier this year. The promotion reportedly featured a photo contest in which individuals submitted their photos in order to be placed in the running to win a free Cruiser Wheelchair. According to Convaid, ultimately a nationwide audience rallied together in order to assist these individuals, who were unable to afford a lightweight wheelchair as a result of funding issues with the state or their current insurance providers. 

Braun adds that the funding challenges faced by families today who are seeking wheelchairs and other mobility related equipment are, “far greater than it was even two years ago.” Convaid reports that it hopes the new Community Outreach Program will combat these challenges and prove to be a successful resource to help secure the equipment required by these families. 

Source: Convaid