In recognition of the October National Disability Employment Awareness month, a new webcast, “Beyond Yellow Ribbons: Putting Veterans with Disabilities to Work,” slated for October 26, will address and provide solutions to combat the unemployment rates faced by younger returning US veterans with disabilities, aged 18 years to 24 years old, according to a Cornell University ILR School news release.

According to the release, recent research conducted at Cornell University indicates that employers generally have positive attitudes toward employing veterans, however the primary struggle lies with issues and misperceptions centered on employing veterans with disabilities. Susanne Bruyere, director, Cornell’s Employment and Disability Institute, is slated to serve as the program’s host. 

During the webcast, Hannah Rudstam, senior extension associate, Employment and Disability Institute, is scheduled to share findings yielding from her research on this subject. Rudstam will reportedly discuss challenges faced by returning veterans in their efforts to transition to work, and provide advice to employers about integrating veterans into the workplace and accommodating their needs. 

The release notes that the webcast will also provide employers with additional information about returning veterans, including veterans with “signature disabilities” such as post-traumatic stress disorder. The webcast is also intended to address multiple questions about employment issues for veterans, including what the main employment issues and challenges are for employers and for returning veterans with disabilities, and what steps employers can take in order to ensure that they are able to provide welcoming and effective workplaces for returning veterans with disabilities.

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Source: Cornell University ILR School