A new 3-day conference centered on the latest concepts and research related to the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of shoulder and elbow disorders is slated for November 16 to November 18, announces Audubon, Pa-based company Elite Rehabilitation Solutions. The company notes that its “Shoulder & Elbow Update 2012” conference is scheduled to be held at the Hyatt Regency in Philadelphia.

The conference is geared toward physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, nurses, and physicians who are interested in learning the latest evidence based conceptions and research linked to evaluation and rehabilitation of shoulder and elbow disorders. The program will use an integrated format of lectures, panel discussions, case study presentations, and workshops. Elite Rehabilitation Solutions adds that the course also features an in-depth symposium encompassing the latest advances in research and management of scapular disorders. 

A recent news release reports that upon completion of the course, participants will have been provided with working knowledge of the evaluation and treatment of a variety of shoulder and elbow disorders. This working knowledge includes key course objectives such as how to use the latest evidence to conduct a complete evaluation of the shoulder and elbow, document treatment outcomes, developing hands-on evaluation and treatment skills, and gaining in-depth knowledge about the recent advances and current research in pathogenesis and management of scapular disorders and their impact on shoulder and elbow function.

The release also notes that participants will be offered time for discussion and interaction with the orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, therapists, and special guest faculty. Early registration is encouraged.

For more information and a full list of course faculty and chairmen, click here.

Source: Elite Rehabilitation Solutions