hollyneu22Hollywog, Chattanooga, Tenn, recently announced the launch of a new, wireless remote-controlled device engineered to address back pain.The Neubac is designed to use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to suppress the transmission of pain in the nerves and increase the discharge of endorphins.

The company notes that the technology features a 3-stage waveform that incorporates both clinical theories of TENS to provide pain relief by blocking the pain signals that travel to the brain and reducing the body’s sensitivity to pain.

The Neubac is engineered to be thin, lightweight, and flexible. It aims to provide temporary relief of pain linked to sore and aching muscles in the lower back due to strain as a result of exercise, housework, or work activities.

The product’s wireless remote controls both the device’s intensity level and power with three buttons.

For more information visit www.neubac.com

[Source: Neubac]