Stratice Healthcare expands its EHR integrated & web-based eOrdersPlus platform via the launch of its newest application, Clinician Order Entry (CLOE).

CLOE aims to provide connectivity for a larger spectrum of post-acute care settings, including home health agencies, pharmacies, and long term and rehabilitative care facilities.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce our Clinician Order Entry solution to serve additional post-acute care segments continuing to be burdened by the same inefficient, unreliable paper form, fax and phone-based ordering and fulfillment processes hampering all healthcare professionals’ efforts to deliver timely, reliable continuity of patient care,” states Chad Hammerstrom, EVP of Business Development of Stratice Healthcare, in a media release.

“eOrdersPlus will continue to drive new workflow efficiencies, operational cost savings, increased margins, and improved patient care via our continuing digitalization of patients’ post-acute care medical orders,” he adds.

Regarding Stratice Healthcare’s expansion, Jason Farmer, CEO of Stratice Healthcare, comments, “Stratice is accelerating its market expansion through our larger EHR and other system integrations, as well as our continuing expansion of eOrdersPlus applications to other patient care segments. Stratice soon will provide the opportunity for first-time, direct electronic ordering connectivity to over 75-80% of U.S. prescribing physicians & clinicians issuing over 300 million medical equipment & supplies orders annually generating over $45 billion in claim reimbursement revenue.”

[Source: Stratice Healthcare]