Project Walk Recovery Center in San Diego, Calif. (Image courtesy of Project Walk Recovery Centers)

Project Walk Recovery Center in San Diego, Calif. (Image courtesy of Project Walk Recovery Centers)

Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Centers, Carlsbad, Calif., recently formed a medical advisory board comprised of what it describes as “leading medical experts,” drawn across the disciplines of  neurology, rehabilitation, physical medicine, family medicine, sports medicine, pain management, psychology, and physical therapy. The expertise, according to a media release issued by the organization, will allow Project Walk to continue its advances in paralysis recovery and overall patient care.

Project Walk is an activity-based paralysis recovery resource historically focused on treating individuals affected by paralysis and mobility-related disorders.

The formation of this medical advisory board aims to bring greater awareness to the benefits and effectiveness of activity-based paralysis recovery to the medical community at large while helping to gain growing acceptance of Project Walk programs as a standard in the industry for paralysis recovery treatment.

The board is headed by  Dr. Daniel Lu, Director of the Neuroplasticity and Repair Laboratory and Director of the UCLA Neuromotor Recovery and Rehabilitation Center. Lu is a member of the Comprehensive Spine Center in Santa Monica and his clinical expertise reportedly involves minimally invasive techniques in the surgical management of degenerative, traumatic, and neoplastic spinal disorders. At UCLA, his research efforts are said to be focused on modulating the neuronal circuitry and networks in the treatment of central nervous system disorders with the ultimate goal of restoring lost function.

Other members of the board according to the Project Walk media release are: Mark Alan Harris MD, a physical medicine/rehabilitation specialist; Robert E. Sallis, MD, a family physician serving as Co-Director of Kaiser Permanente’s Sports Medicine Fellowship program and a Past-President of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM); Joseph Castrejon MD, a private family practice physician; Gali Goldwaser, PhD, a psychologist specializing in rehabilitation psychology and behavioral medicine focusing on chronic pain management; and Jay Huhn, DPT a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics with a subspecialty of manual physical therapy and strength and conditioning.

“I am thrilled to announce Project Walk’s new Medical Advisory Board,” reveals Tim Yates, CEO of Project Walk. “I have reviewed the credentials and interviewed each of our board members to ensure and can assure you that they represent the very best in their fields. On a personal level, they are great people who believe in Project Walk and in furthering the advancement of activity-based recovery. I could not be more proud to announce this board as it will successfully combine activity-based recovery with the very best in medical

[Source: Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Centers]