During 4Q/2021, the award-winning series, Advancements with Ted Danson, will focus on recent developments in wearable medical devices.

In this segment, viewers will learn about sensory peripheral neuropathy, its symptoms, and how it affects people’s balance and mobility on a daily basis. With a look at RxFunction, makers of Walkasins, audiences will learn how the system is designed to replace the lost sensory nerve function from the bottom surface of the foot.

Viewers will see how the technology works, using neuromodulation to restore balance, increase mobility, boost confidence and decrease risk of falls, a media release from DMG Productions explains.

“The Walkasins device is providing significant improvements in the mobility of patients with sensory peripheral neuropathy who are unable to feel their feet, allowing them to be more confident and independent in their lives. We are excited to present this treatment solution to the broader public.”

— Lars Oddsson, PhD, co-inventor, co-founder, and CTO of RxFunction

The segment will also teach viewers how the technology works to deliver non-invasive, gentle sensory stimuli, using real-time foot pressure changes during activities. It will also explore how the system restores sensory information related to foot contact with the ground, which is transmitted to the nervous system.

“Walkasins is clinically proven to improve balance and gait and to reduce the risk of falls in people with peripheral neuropathy. We look forward to educating audiences about this prescription device.”

— Richard Simon, producer for the Advancements series

[Source(s): DMG Productions, PRWeb]

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