The series, Advancements with Ted Danson, will focus on improvements in finger prostheses devices, in an upcoming episode scheduled to broadcast 3Q/2021.

With a look at Naked Prosthetics, Advancements will explore prosthetics innovations. Created specifically for partial hand amputation, spectators will see how the company’s finger prostheses are designed to replace the partial or total loss of the finger.

Audiences will learn how Naked Prosthetics works with clinics, independent prosthetists, physicians, and surgeons to provide prostheses that are simple, elegant, and fully functional for everyday use.

In addition, the show will discover how the American-made devices are individually created to mimic the natural motion of the finger, utilizing the remainder of an amputee’s digit to power each device, a media release from DMG Productions explains.

“Although fingers are the primary site for amputation, technology has struggled to provide relevant solutions until now. Naked Prosthetics uses traditional machining, injection molding, and 3D printing to make robust, functional prostheses.

“We are excited to showcase our technology in the hopes of reaching professionals serving this market and those with partial hand and full finger amputations, looking for a solution.”

— Bob Thompson, Naked Prosthetics CEO

Hearing from experts in the field, viewers will learn how the company is supporting and impacting the lives of people with finger amputation.

“These functional, high-quality finger devices aim to restore the user’s ability to perform daily tasks, supporting job retention and encouraging an active lifestyle. We look forward to exploring this on the show.”

— Richard Lubin, senior producer for Advancements

[Source(s): DMG Productions, PRWeb]

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