The newly launched next generation myoelectric arm orthosis from Myomo Inc, the MyoPro 2, features significant enhancements, according to the company, in a media release.

These include interchangeable, extended-life rechargeable batteries for continuous daily use; an upgraded user interface; improved sensors; and improved harness and finger grasp orthosis for more reliable and comfortable long-term wear.

Three models are available: Motion E, with powered elbow and static rigid wrist support; Motion W, with powered elbow and a multi-articulating wrist with flexion/extension and supination/pronation; and Motion G, with powered elbow, a multi-articulating wrist, and a powered 3-jaw-chuck grasp.

“MyoPro 2 is the result of collaboration between our users, clinical partners and engineering team to help patients restore their activities of daily living,” says Paul R. Gudonis, chairman and CEO of Myomo, in the release.

“Early in our rollout, feedback from patients, physicians and the orthotics and prosthetics community has been very positive. We look forward to addressing the large unmet need in upper limb paralysis as we continue to bring MyoPro 2 to a larger market,” he adds.

[Source(s): Myomo Inc, Business Wire]