Founded in 2017 by Tanya Diable and her husband, Charlie, Joey’s P.A.W. aims to fit dogs with prosthetics and wheelchairs (P.A.W.), aid in adoption, and change people’s perception of special needs dogs through education.

In the past year, the organization has helped outfit 58 dogs with wheelchairs, provide custom prosthetics for five dogs, and provide forever homes for six dogs.

Tanya and Charlie founded the nonprofit after caring for Ella Grace, a paralyzed puppy who was wheelchair bound, and adopting Joey, an abused, maimed dog who has a prosthetic leg and had been on an adoption list for almost a year, according to a media release.

“All dogs, especially those that have suffered from abuse or neglect, deserve to be happy and healthy,” says Tanya Diable, in the release.

“We want these dogs to be adopted into their forever homes. We strive to educate people about the charm of special needs dogs and make it easier for potential owners to adopt by providing these dogs with a prosthetic or wheelchair. We feel fortunate to have already helped over 60 dogs have a better life,” she adds.

This past winter, a special needs dog named Boone, who uses a wheelchair due to his previous owner’s abuse, became an ambassador of Joey’s P.A.W.

Boone is educating the public about the joys of owning a special needs dog and is currently in a pilot program working to become a therapy dog, the release continues.

For more information, or to help support Joey’s P.A.W. through a donation, sponsorship, or as a volunteer, visit Joey’s P.A.W.

[Source(s): Joey’s P.A.W., PR Newswire]