CAPTION: Army Staff Sargent Dave Gardner, who has been wearing a below-the-knee adjustable prosthetic with RevoFit since he was injured in Iraq.

The new Click Reel, created by Steamboat Springs, Colo-based Click Medical in partnership with Seattle-based design firm IDeology, is designed to empower patients to make micro and macro adjustments of their devices quickly and easily.

The Click Reel uses Shift Technology to quickly wind-up slack lace and then automatically “shift” into a power mode to provide fine-tuned fit. The technology also includes a clutch that delivers the ability to prescribe the optimal fit based on the user’s needs. The durable Click Reel boasts a 33% lower profile with the transition to metal parts instead of plastic, according to the company in a news release.

Click Reel is now found in Click Medical’s three core products: RevoFit, RevoSurface, and RevoLock. The RevoFit Lamination Kit is built into a custom prosthetic device and can be configured to each patient. The RevoSurface Tool Kit allows the addition of adjustability to any existing prosthetic or orthotic device. The RevoLock 4-Hole and Align kits make it easy for users to pull their limb into their prosthetic for a secure and safe fit. 

“Adjustable prosthetic and orthotic devices increase patient satisfaction, and their lives in general by empowering them to provide daily self-care.”

— Jimmy Capra, co-founder and CEO of Click Medical

Army vet Dave Gardner has used a prosthesis for the past 14 years. His most recent prosthesis is equipped with the new Click Reel.

“I love being able to adjust my socket in both directions,” he says. “Every time I sit down, or drive, I loosen my socket just a little, which makes all the difference.  It’s simple, but it’s life changing.”

“Prosthetists are realizing adjustability is a boon to their business as well. Patients make the small adjustments on their own instead of scheduling a follow-up visit, which traditionally are not reimbursed by insurance.” 

— Joe Mahon, Capra’s partner, co-founder, and practicing prosthetist

[Source(s): Click Medical, PR Newswire]