Burke Rehabilitation Hospital announces the reopening of its renovated and retrofitted Outpatient Therapy Facility located on its 61-acre main campus in White Plains, NY. The state-of-the-art facility offers more than 10,000-square feet of dedicated space for physical, occupational, speech and language, and specialty therapies. The transformation allows for an open flow throughout the building with the removal of an 18-inch thick brick structural wall dating back to 1915. 

“We are excited to provide our patients and therapists with this newly redesigned and comprehensive outpatient facility. The renovations and repurposing of this space will enhance their experience and recovery and are incomparable in our area.”

— Burke’s Vice President of Outpatient Services Steve Tisser

The first floor is dedicated exclusively to physical therapy. It features high-tech equipment that improves the functionality of muscles and challenges cognitive abilities, including: 

* Saebo Flex: Provides neuro-re-education of muscles affected by neurological injury.
* SaeboStim Pro: Utilizes electrical stimulation designed to prevent or reduce spasticity and improve muscle re-education.
* Neofect Smart Glove: Measures movements of the forearm, wrist, and fingers with accelerometer and bending sensors. 
* FitMi: An interactive full-body rehabilitation system to help stroke patients and others with neurological injuries retrain their brains and recover their dexterity and strength.
* IPAD: Used to address visual and cognitive deficits and provide exercises and activities that patients can perform at home.

The facility also duplicates the advanced technology used in Burke’s inpatient Neurorehabilitation Gym to allow outpatient therapists to safely work with patients on their individualized therapy plans. Patients push their limits earlier in the treatment program for optimal results via various pieces of equipment.

The second floor is devoted to speech and language and occupational therapies, providing patients with access to innovative therapy technologies. This area features the Jacob Salzman and Dr. Herbert S. and Eva M. Lewin Activities of Daily Living Space donated by Burke benefactor Michelle Goldman. The space resembles a studio apartment equipped with a complete kitchen with a working refrigerator, sink and microwave and, for safety reasons, a nonworking stove, oven and dishwasher. It also includes a simulated bathroom with a tub, toilet and shower.  

“The renovated facility presents therapists and patients with the opportunity to recreate real-life situations and improve skills that are vital to daily life. Our goal is for patients to gain independence in their homes and reach their maximum possible recovery.”

— Burke’s Supervisor of Outpatient Occupational Therapy Andrea Sullivan, OT

Outpatient care is critical to Burke’s mission. Burke is committed to quality patient care and provides 45-minute sessions of one-on-one therapy with highly qualified rehabilitation specialists. In addition to the newly renovated outpatient facility on campus, Burke offers nine other outpatient sites with multi-disciplinary services in the New York Metropolitan and Hudson Valley regions. 

[Source: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital]