xsens opt-1Netherlands-based company Xsens recently released two demonstrators engineered to enable swift analysis of upper- and lower-limb motion. Xsens notes that its demonstrators provide users with gait and shoulder analysis based on data measured by Xsens’ wireless technology motion trackers (MTw).

The company adds that the demonstrators combine the wireless technology, the MTw development kit, with scientifically validated protocols ISEO and OUTWALK, published by INAIL. The release reports that Ottobock is among the first users of the demonstrators.

Jason Kalmar, program manager Upper Extremity Prosthetics, Ottobock, adds that the company now uses “this technology to prove the value of our prostheses to the hospitals, insurance companies, and more importantly, of course, to the user.”

Additionally, the demonstrators have now been made available to a number of other leading research institutes, hospitals, health care manufacturers, and insurance providers worldwide.

For more information, visit http://www.xsens.com

Source: Xsens