The Active Hands Company announces the launch of its new Limb Difference gripping aid, made to help those with limb difference affecting their hands or fingers grip items strongly and with more control.

Constructed of soft and strong neoprene and webbing, it is designed to wrap around an item and then firmly hold it to one’s hand, enabling users to maintain a strong grip.

A Velcro strap secures the aid around the wrist, a palm strap holds it in place, and a larger strap goes over the back of the hand to secure the grip.

The Limb Difference aid can be useful for those who have some of all of their fingers, or parts of their hand, missing. A wider section of wrist is required as an anchor point to transfer the pulling force to when using the gripping aids, notes Active Hands in an information sheet.

The gripping aid could remove the need to use specialist or adaptive equipment, or a prosthetic, in the gym or during activities, enabling a more active and independent lifestyle, the company adds.

Three sizes are available, for the left or right hand. A Bespoke design service is also available for users with particular needs, to modify the gripping aid to suit their individual hand/wrist.

For more information, visit The Active Hands Company.

[Source: Active Hands]