Hanger Inc announces the results of its Outcomes ASsessment and DISsemination (OASIS) 1 study. Published in the Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering, it evaluates the effectiveness of four common microprocessor-controlled knee (MPK) models.

Outcomes in the areas of mobility, satisfaction, quality of life and injurious falls were examined for patients using: Blatchford’s Orion, Freedom Innovations’ Plie, Ossur’s Rheo and Ottobock’s C-Leg. The study is anticipated to be the first of a series that will compare a variety of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) components across different patient groups, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes across the O&P profession, the company explains in a media release.

“The OASIS 1 study is significant in that we have harnessed our research capabilities to objectively measure differences across various manufacturers’ devices, not just device categories, and carries the advantage of being completed and disseminated absent of potential bias due to manufacturer funding or publication.”

— James Campbell, PhD, Hanger Chief Clinical Officer

Degree of Parity Among Models

Results found that there was a degree of parity among the four different MPK models for the sample of 602 individuals, with no differences reported in mobility or satisfaction. There was, however, a significant reduction in injurious fall rates for C-Leg and Orion users compared to injurious fall rates for patients with amputation due to diabetes or vascular disease using a non-microprocessor knee. Additionally, the study reported similar age-related changes in outcomes with each MPK.

“This clinical insight will help support professionals in making informed, unbiased decisions about patient care, and in turn, provide the best possible treatment for each individual who requires O&P services.”

— Hanger President and Chief Executive Officer Vinit Asar

The OASIS series is part of a collection of landmark research studies already published, or in various stages of publication by Hanger Clinic’s Clinical and Scientific Affairs Department, in collaboration with leading researchers, clinical, and academic institutions, per the release.

[Source: Hanger Inc]

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