The DVS-Dynamic Vacuum from Ottobock, headquartered in Austin, Tex, is designed to bridge the gap between valve and Harmony socket technology for transtibial prostheses.

The DVS reduces the movement between the limb and socket associated with limb volume fluctuations. A vacuum effect is generated within the socket during walking, which is maintained in both swing and stance phase, as opposed to passive systems, such as valves, where a vacuum is generated only in the swing phase, according to a media release from Ottobock.

“The DVS is going to address some of the most chronic problems patients face,” says Brad Ruhl, president of US HealthCare for Ottobock, in the release. “Feedback from our beta-testers is that they are impressed with the fit, comfort, and linkage they feel within the socket.”

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[Source: Ottobock]