Myomo Inc announces the launch of MyoCare, a new program that provides enhanced support to first-year users of the company’s MyoPro powered brace in order to maximize the benefits they receive from the device.

Current and future clients who receive their MyoPro directly from Myomo will receive this expanded support at no additional cost. Those who have obtained their MyoPro from an authorized orthotics & prosthetics clinic will continue to receive support from the clinic, the Cambridge, Mass-based company notes in a media release.

“MyoPro users have always received comprehensive training from the clinician who fits the device as well as ongoing therapy from their local therapist. MyoCare now provides detailed instructional videos and a series of check-up calls to clients throughout their first year of ownership to ensure they are getting the most from their MyoPro. Further, the MyoCare coach will follow up with both the physician and the therapist to coordinate and maximize support for each user.”

— Micah Mitchell, Myomo’s Chief Commercial Officer

“We have so many satisfied clients because of the quality and the utility of MyoPro. With MyoCare, we have a new program to ensure that those who may not have fully learned how best to restore function with the MyoPro can enhance their ability to perform critical activities of daily living, such as cooking, feeding themselves and carrying household objects, thus improving their quality of life. In addition, this initiative provides added benefit to clients who take advantage of our efficient direct billing channel.”

Paul R. Gudonis, Myomo CEO

[Source(s): Myomo Inc, Business Wire]

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