To promote progressive contracture reduction, AliMed, headquartered in Dedham, Mass, markets a hand contracture orthosis designed to gently open the hand to allow access for better hygiene and eased positioning of traditional hand splints. The AliMed Carrot Orthosis System features numbered markings and graduated shape in order to provide caregivers a method to accurately measure a patient’s progress for assured reimbursement.

The orthosis is available in Original Carrot, Antimicrobial Carrot, and Inflatable Carrot.

The product also offers a “Magic Wand” placement tool, a small, flexible plastic wand built to secure the loop end of any of the three Carrots for access to the hand without opening the fingers. The company notes that once the wand has been inserted, the orthosis is introduced gradually and pulled further into the hand as the contracture relaxes.

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[Source: AliMed]