The RT300 cycle for home use, available from Restorative Therapies Inc, features a six-channel leg and trunk functional electrical stimulation (FES) system that includes multiple therapy options.

The cycle also features the new Xcite system, which helps evoke coordinated muscle contractions to assist with a wide range of task-specific, strengthening, and gross motor activities such as standing, transfers, feeding, and brushing hair; as well as the SAGE smart therapy controller.

Expansion options include a strengthening feature for the arms, additional channels of FES, and the ability to target any impaired leg, arm, shoulder, or trunk muscle group, notes a media release from Restorative Therapies Inc.

Cycles for home use offered by Restorative Therapies Inc also include the RT200 elliptical system.

“RT300 is the most practical FES cycle because its flexibility and expandability allow it to cater to the varied needs of people with a neurological injury or paralysis,” says Andrew Barriskill, CEO of Restorative Therapies, in the release. “Together we have worked to make RT300 easy to use at home. Our new entry-level systems with important therapy options including Xcite will help us assist more people with neurological impairments at home.”

“The continued growth of home FES cycling is enormously motivating to me and my team,” adds Wendy Warfield MSHA, OTR/L, clinical manager of Restorative Therapies, per the release. “This level of at-home FES use completes the continuum of care for people with weak or paralyzed muscles due to a variety of conditions, diseases, and events.”

[Source(s): Restorative Therapies Inc, PRWeb]