The US Food and Drug Administration has granted marketing clearance to Wide Pulse Functional Electrical Stimulation (WP-FES) for the RT300 cycling system from Restorative Therapies Inc.

This clearance allows Restorative Therapies Inc to begin marketing RT300 systems incorporating the new WP-FES functionality in the United States. It also allows the RT300 cycling system to be marketed for neuromuscular re-education in addition to its existing indications, according to a media release from Restorative Therapies Inc.

According to the Baltimore-based company, WP-FES provides wider stimulation pulses (up to 3,000 microseconds) to help recruit muscles in many patients who are normally less or not responsive to standard FES.

“This development will help to make FES cycling effective in a wider range of patients and help to facilitate clinical use of the latest therapy techniques improving outcomes for patients,” says Andrew Barriskill, CEO of Restorative Therapies, in the release.

“RT300 is the only FES cycling system that offers WP-FES and neuromuscular re-education,” adds Judy Kline, marketing manager at Restorative Therapies.

[Source(s): Restorative Therapies Inc, PRWeb]