FES-powered stationary bikes MyoCycle Home and MyoCycle Pro have received FDA 510(k) clearance, according to an announcement from their manufacturer, Gainesville, Fla-based MYOLYN.

The MyoCycle is designed to use functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology to activate the muscles in the legs of riders with weakness or paralysis in their legs, to assist their pedaling. In this way, the MyoCycle FES bike can be used for general rehabilitation purposes to help relax muscle spasms, prevent muscle atrophy, increase blood circulation, and maintain or increase range of motion following disease or injury.

MYOLYN notes in the release that the FDA approval allows the MyoCycle to enter both the professional rehabilitation and the homecare medical markets.

“FES is a very promising technology that can help many people with paralysis or muscle weakness,” says MYOLYN co-founder and CEO Alan Hamlet, PhD, in the release. “MYOLYN’s goal is to make this revolutionary technology available to the millions of people that can benefit from it. The MyoCycle is an affordable, easy-to-use FES bike that enables therapeutic, load-bearing exercise despite even complete paralysis,” he adds.

“Our patent-pending algorithms automatically select the optimal stimulation parameters for the patient, making the MyoCycle not only effective, but extremely easy and intuitive to use,” adds Chief Technology Officer Matthew Bellman, PhD.

The MyoCycle Pro is intended for clinical use and combines isokinetic cycling and FES into a single system. The MyoCycle Home is intended for home use.

[Source(s): MYOLYN, PRWeb]