SureTrac Encoder Motor Technology is a new option available on the QM-7 Series of mid-wheel drive power wheelchairs from Sunrise Medical.

SureTrac is a self-compensating drive control technology that reacts to the resistance met by each wheel and sends each motor appropriate amperage to neutralize the impact of different textures such as hardwood floor and carpet, uneven, irregular terrain, slopes, and in small places. As a result, it helps enable the rider to achieve superior maneuverability and greater independence.

The technology is ideal for riders who use proportional control drives or all riders who use specialty controls, according to a media release from Fresno, Calif-based Sunrise Medical.

“The new encoder motor technology is a great addition to the Quickie QM-7 Series power wheelchairs,” says Dan Critchfield, Sunrise Medical senior product manager for power, in the release. “Our customers will enjoy the new driving control option and how it autocorrects any small deviation to create a straight path, making it easier for a smooth, predictable, and comfortable drive.”

In addition to SureTrac Technology, the QM-7 Series of wheelchairs are available with the following electronic options: PG Drives Joystick with Built-in Bluetooth and Infrared Controls, Advanced Ctrl+5 Toggles and Buttons, and Switch-It Dual Pro.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]