With the recent departure of Chris Braun as president of the Etac Group’s North American sales organization, the company announces that its CEO, Torben Helbo, will take the reins for the time being until a replacement can be found.

Braun was president of Torrance, Calif-based Convaid, which the Etac Group acquired in December 2015. Together with R82, it formed the Etac Pediatric Group.

“We are thankful for the leadership Chris provided during Etac’s acquisition of and for his management during the company’s critical first year of integration. His expertise was critical in bringing our North American sales company to its current juncture where new management can expand on the work Chris has done,” says Helbo, in a media release from Convaid.

During this interim time, according to the release, Helbo will manage all aspects of sales, promotion, and distribution activities in North America while a search is underway to replace Braun.

In a recent meeting with the company’s California-based employees, Helbo noted that major accomplishments the company achieved in 2016 included effective product launches, the establishment of a fully integrated sales organization, and staff cross-trained on product offerings from all brands.

[Source: Convaid]