The Northern Ireland-based company Firefly, designed by Leckey, markets a new mobility device engineered to allow children with motor impairments to stand and walk with the help of an adult. The Upsee is comprised of three parts. These include an adult hip belt available in one standard size, child harness available in sizes extra small (purple or green), or small, medium, and large (blue or pink), and sandals (standard and infant). The company adds that the infant sandal is only marketed with the extra-small harness.

The patented design is intended to use durable and breathable fabrics, offering adults and their children comfort and reliability. The fabrics are also designed to allow for ease of cleaning. According to the company, for stability and safety, sandal sizes are automatically matched to the child harness size selected.

The product will be available for sale April 7.

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[Source: Firefly, designed by Leckey]