Quantum Rehab announces the further expansion of the Bluetooth capabilities that are built into its Q-Logic 3 Drive Controls, now with the ability to operate up to 16 paired devices.

These latest capabilities are engineered to increase user independence and system functionality, according to the Exeter-Pa-based company, in a media release.

“From the beginning, we saw Bluetooth capabilities as vital toward users’ independence,” explains Jay Doherty, OTR, ATP/SMS, director of clinical education at Quantum Rehab. “The ability for users to operate external electronic devices and environmental controls via their power chair revolutionizes the power chair experience.”

Common pairing with Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth includes iPhones and iPads, as well as Android platform devices and Windows and Mac computers, with easy transition from one device to another. The mouse mover, allowing computer mouse control via the power chair’s drive controls, offers a myriad of adaptable set-up configurations, including mouse click options. Environmental capabilities when controlling a smart phone allow operation of home lighting, fans, door locks, and other third-party applications, which can be controlled through a smart device/phone. All of these standard features are designed around downloadable system updates for future technological advances, the release notes.

“Over the past 13 years, we’ve seen the difference that Q-Logic Bluetooth technology has made in the independence of our users’ lives,” shares Kevin Rhodes, product manager of drive controls. “Our latest version of Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth, included as a standard feature, takes this technology to its most evolved complex rehab solution yet. We’re excited to continue this dedication of Bluetooth helping connect one’s environment with one’s power chair.”

[Source: Quantum Rehab]