Brightree Home Health & Hospice LLC announces the release of Integrated Alerting between its software platform and that of Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP), a post-acute care data analytics company, to help provide more efficient and accurate reporting to home health agencies.

Via the transfer of data between Brightree and SHP’s OASIS software, home health agencies can immediately receive accurate reports to help them improve patient care and compliance, more easily identify patients at risk of re-hospitalization or appropriate for hospice care, and view other data variables critical for agencies to help care for patients and manage their business.

“Our customers are required to complete and submit their reports more quickly than ever, and these new point-of-care alerts help them do just that,” says Bob Dean, Brightree vice president and general manager of Brightree Home Health & Hospice, in a media release.

“The patient also benefits greatly whenever we can accurately speed up the process of reviewing their care and flagging if a change should be considered,” he adds.

This integration between Brightree and SHP is also designed to increase the efficiency of assessment reviews, and improves documentation accuracy and clinician satisfaction, the release notes.

“One of the biggest challenges that home health agencies face is ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and accountability among their staff,” states Zeb Clayton, SHP vice president of client services, per the release.

“Integrated Alerting allows clinicians and OASIS review staff to identify issues in real time, which helps ensure that corrections are made in a timely manner and maximizes quality and financial outcomes.”

[Source(s): Brightree, Business Wire]