TiLite®, a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of custom-fitted manual wheelchairs, has launched a new promotional campaign, "Choice Matters," which focuses on the diversity of its rigid and folding manual wheelchairs, offered in both titanium and aluminum. Choice Matters will also highlight the three pillars of TiLite’s design: function, materials, and aesthetics, and how the "pillars" interact to enhance performance for the user.

TiLite’s emphasis on choice has a broad foundation of support, including renowned researcher Rory A. Cooper, PhD, chair and distinguished professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh. Cooper has long advocated for providing choice to the consumer. In a 2006 article in PN Magazine (PN), Cooper wrote that “we must be intimately involved in defining what is appropriate and ensure full availability of continuing advances in technology.” In another PN article, Cooper listed the “expanded use of titanium” as #2 in his “Top 10 Advances” in manual wheelchairs over the past decade. Cooper explained his ranking by citing the way in which titanium has helped drive down the weight of ultralight wheelchairs, in addition to its corrosive resistance, durability, and shock absorption properties.

According to company’s sources, TiLite has a singular focus and singular goal: to: "Make the best manual wheelchairs in the world. No compromises. No short-cuts. In pursuit of this goal, we recognize that there is nothing more important than creating choices for you. That is why we make, and will continue to make, the best chairs on the market in titanium and aluminum. For those who prefer titanium, at TiLite that choice will always be available so that you may continue to experience the same ride, durability, and comfort to which you have grown accustomed."

In addition to its new promotional campaign, TiLite, a division of TiSport LLC, has moved its corporate offices to 2701 West Court Street, Pasco, Wash 99301.

For more information, go to www.tilite.com.

[Source: TiLite]