Sunrise Medical announces the launch of the QUICKIE Q700-UP M standing wheelchair, featuring not only the Q700 M mid-wheel drive base and the SEDEO ERGO seating system but also the ability to change positions from sitting to standing.

The QUICKIE Q700-UP M power wheelchair is designed with SpiderTrac 2.0 Suspension, Biometric Repositioning, and 4-pole QUICKIE motors to provide high performance and intelligent seating technology. Its Q700 M base, combined with the company’s new biomechanical standing seating system, enables the client to stand at up to 77°, providing many health and lifestyle benefits in addition to greater independence, according to the Fresno, Calif-based company in a news release.

With up to six programmable memory positions, the client has access to commonly used positions and can transition between them with the touch of a button.

“The facts are out there: Standing can improve circulation, reduce the occurrence of pressure injuries, and many day-to-day tasks that someone in a wheelchair might not otherwise be able to do. Thus, we found it imperative that standing technology be readily available in a mid-wheel drive group 3 power wheelchair,” says Jeff Rogers, Director of Power Product Management, in the release.

For more information, visit Sunrise Medical.

[Source: Sunrise Medical]